Introduction to CFR28's Proposed Constitutional Amendment for Campaign Finance Reform

The anger of average Americans will continue as long as we believe that a wealthy few use their money to select our leaders and establish laws to secure their advantages. Almost every nation throughout history, and most in the modern world have been ruled by oligarchs. The United States was supposed to be the exception where the authority of our leaders comes from the consent of the people.


It is an unfortunate fact of history that it often takes a crisis to move democracies towards needed reform. Americans have a crisis of confidence in their government. It's time to fix it, and we can without radical change or losing our civility.


The founders of our country anticipated this kind of crisis, so they gave us the tools. The Constitution has been amended 27 times before, often in the face of longer odds, by reformers who taught us to be consistent, inclusive, rational and patient.


But our proposal has to work without compromising our freedom.


The amendment offered here, CFR28, is a bit more complicated than the other campaign finance proposals that have failed. So this web site contains five documents to help you understand CFR28. The "Proposal Reasoning" page describes the logic behind CFR28. The downloadable "Proposal Illustration" depicts what is regulated and not regulated by CFR28. The "Proposal Breakdown" lists four highlights of the amendment and provides a section-by-section explanation. And of course, the text of the "Proposed Amendment" itself appears both on a Web page and in a downloadable format. Finally, the "CFR28 Blog" and "Notes on Alternatives" explain important advantages of CFR28 and the mistakes of common reform strategies.


An of course, the three-minute video shown here provides a simple explanation of the proposal.

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