Introduction to CFR28's Proposed Constitutional Amendment for Campaign Finance Reform

It is an unfortunate fact of history that it often takes a crisis to move democracies towards needed reforms. So while Americans overwhelmingly oppose special interest money in politics and progressive candidates advocate reform, many law-makers who benefit from the the current system stand in the way.


But the Republican Party, from where most opposition comes, now has a crisis. One of their billionaire donors decided to skip the “middle man” and seek presidential power for himself. Republican candidates were helpless to stop him because their old talking points were designed to appeal to big donors rather than the American people.  


To prevent this crisis from happening again and to preserve their role as the political class, the Republican Party has to free itself from the burden that monied sponsors impose on their platform.


But we have to be ready with a proposal that is viable. It can’t give Congress broad constitutional powers to regulate campaign speech or offer public financing that will likely make things worse


Since the Citizen United decision, the solution clearly has to break the constitutional link between money and speech but without impairing free expression. It has to disempower Super PACs and dark money. This will require nothing short of an amendment.


The Constitution has been amended 27 times before, often in the face of longer odds, by reformers who taught us to be consistent, inclusive, rational and patient.


The amendment offered here, CFR28, is by necessity a bit more complicated than the other campaign finance proposals that have already failed. So this web site contains five documents to help you undersand CFR28. The "Proposal Reasoning" page describes the logic behind CFR28. The downloadable "Proposal Illustration" (on the right) depicts what is regulated and not regulated by CFR28. The "Proposal Breakdown" lists four highlights of the amendment and provides a section-by-section explanation of its provisions. And of course, the text of the "Proposed Amendment" itself appears both on a Web page and in a downloadable format. Finally, the "CFR28 Blog" and "Notes on Alternatives" explains important advantages of CFR28 the mistakes of comon reform strategies.

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